Web application protection & security scanning

Sercurius is a free cloud based Web Application Security Service. By crawling, scanning and automated PEN testing web applications we show common security issues and we provide advice to improve application security. The free Layer 3,4 and 7 DDoS protection and advanced Web Application Firewall will help users to protect their web apps against all common web attacks.

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Create your Sercurius account and add all your web applications to it. You can add as many you want!

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By adding your websites you will be protected by free DDoS protection and a free Web Application Firewall.

Receive periodical updates

You applications will be scanned every day and you will be notified when your website should be updated. In case of attacks, you will get detaild information about the attack.

Why sercurius?

113 DDoS + WAF protected applications

After registration you can protect your application or more for free. And with a free SSL certificate

1351 being watched!

The security scanner will scan your application every day. If there are updates, you will be notified.

3361 scans performed

Everyone is able to scan a domain and to see the results. Every application inside our WAF is excluded

A Free package includes:

  • Free user registration, no hidden cost.
  • Unlimited Web Applications and domain names to add.
  • Multivector DDoS protection up to 1,5Tbps.
  • Advanced Web Application Firewall with OWASP rules, known exploits, etc.
  • Lets Encrypt SSL cerificate for every domain name.
  • Daily web application scanner: advice how to improve your web hosting security.
  • Critical software update reminders: Notification by email if your website is using dangerous old software.

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