Sercurius, your web application security service

Sercurius is a free cloud based web application security service. It scans web applications on common security mistakes and provides users advise to improve their webhosting environment. The free Layer 7 DDoS protection with advanced Web Application Firewall will protect your website against all common attacks.

Sercurius started in 2018 as a test case to find out if all functionality of the Serverius Cyber security suite really worked like it should do. One simple question needed to be answered: “Which API calls are missing in client environment. Are there essential parts missing?”. Therefore two Serverius R&D engineers started to work like an average Serverius client who wanted to protect many of its WordPress websites, the most common used CMS system on the planet. During the setup, all missing features where added to the Serverius product line. 
After some programming time the Sercurius project became more and more serious. Although it is not complete security tool, the application became that good that it would be a pity not to use it in for real. Therefore in Januar 2019 Serverius decided to officially support it and offer it as a free service for everyone. By adding it to the Serverius project group it became technically and financially supported for an indefinite period of time. By this, Serverius contribute to make the internet a little bit better. 

Why free?

Sercurius is a child of Serverius, a privately owned commecial company which is operating with and without profit goals. Yes, they are a commercial company and they make profit for many years but one of their main objectives are to contribute to a better and safer Dutch internet. Therefore they support the development of Sercurius and other non-profit projects like IP Judge and Speed-IX. The only return Serverius will get is experience of the use of its Serverius Cyber security suite Rest API (where Sercurius is fully build with), insights of attacks information what can be used for others and a little bit of publicity. 


Sercurius is just stated. Although the current functionality is working quite well, we understand that it’s technically impossible to offer 100% web application security and that allot new functionality can be added. But still, through the upcoming new Serverius Web Application Firewall functionality 2.0 which is currently developed and expected in Q1 2019, more protection, extra crawling and scanning and logging features will be added. Registered websites will automatically be informed and protected when new features will be launched. If you have idea’s, please shoot:

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